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Our Philosophy

Sustainable Recruitments



  • when the experience and competence of the candidate matches the long term responsibility and work tasks of the position

  • when the employer and the employee will satisfy each other’s need for new knowledge, competence and professional development

  • when the candidate and his/her future colleagues and managers share a common set of values and work well together on a professional and personal level


Sustainable recruitments not only deliver high return on investments, they also contribute to organizational stability and strengthening of your employer brand.  

A recruitment is sustainable:                 



To deliver top of the line recruitment consulting, you need deep understanding about leadership and organisational performance as well as the mechanisms behind individual performance. And to find the best available candidates for a specific position, you also need solid knowledge about the industry and relevant functions, as well as a well developed network of candidates and sources.  


Our Partners have long experience from line management within the industries/functions that they recruit for, in addition to 10+ years experience from qualified search and selection.


Search Alliance works with true search. We never rely on advertisements, databases or historical contacts. Instead we perform a tailor made search for each assignment in order to find the best available candidates. Attractive candidates who may be rare, frequently approached and/or not actively looking for a new challenge.


As candidate transparency has exploded over the last few years due to new technology and the development of social media, knowledge, experience and communication has become crucial in the process of identifying, attracting and selecting the best suited candidates for any given position.

At Search Alliance, all parts of the search process are performed personally by our senior consultants. This guarantees that all contacts taken by us are accurate and qualitative, which significantly increases the likelihood of attracting and keeping the interest from top candidates.  


To ensure a smooth process, our consultants are in close contact with all parties and make sure they have all the information they need to make good decisions. Our presence also facilitates the communication between client and candidate, which increases the likelihood of a sustainable recruitment.


To guarantee this high level of involvement, our senior consultants never take on more than three simultaneous assignments.


Successful consulting builds upon mutual trust, and Ethics is a key word in all our processes.

All client and candidate information is treated in strict confidence, and is used only in order to secure a successful recruitment process. 


Strong, trustworthy client relationships are our top priority, and our business model supports long term loyalty.

Candidates are always approached in a professional way, and during the process they receive relevant and honest information and feedback. We work in a non-discriminating manner and promote a more equal labour market.

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